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Find out more about HYGI PANEL®’s solutions which are specifically designed for laboratories, pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological and cosmetics companies.

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HYGI PANEL® bacteriostatic panelling.
5 benefits for the health sector

1. Full compliance with requirements and standards.

HACCP, ISO 14644-1 and NF-S90-351.

2. Incredibly hard-wearing.

Shocks, abrasive and repeated cleaning.

3. Totally waterproof.

100% smooth gel coat, non-porous, tamper-proof, rot-proof and anti-biofilm.

4. Unbeatable speed.

Easy and quick to install on all surfaces, short-term projects, limited disruption.

5. A totally integrated solution.

Expert advice, installation by very experienced professionals.

Hygiene, more important than ever

hygiene, more important than ever

A safe working environment.

In the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological and cosmetics industries, it is essential to ensure a hygienic environment for everyone. It is therefore vital to use materials which comply with the strictest standards.

HYGI PANEL® : indispensable.

HYGI PANEL® wall panels and ceiling tiles and panels are hard-wearing, waterproof, long-lasting and comply with HACCP requirements and ISO 146444-1 and ISO 22000 standards. They are THE solution for your renovation and development projects.

HYGI PANEL® has proven itself over the years, both in ISO 5 clean rooms and ISO 14644-1 and HACCP environments.

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