walls and ceilings : how to optimise the cleanability of professional coverings

Walls and ceilings: how to optimise the cleanability of professional coverings


It is essential to meet the highest hygiene and cleanability standards in order to guarantee a safe professional environment. The agro-food and medical industries and industrial kitchens, with a high level of asepsis, have to opt for high-quality wall and ceiling covering. We present 3 criteria which enhance the cleanability of any surface.

The cleanability of a solution significantly impacts its hygienic qualities. In addition, if it is easy and quick to clean, this will also have an impact on the maintenance costs. What characteristics should you take into account to optimise the cleanability of your professional covering?


A smooth and shiny surface

The considerable roughness of certain professional materials results in a porous surface. The more porous the surface is, the less effective against germs and bacteria and the more difficult to clean it is. Mechanical (high-pressure water jets) and chemical disinfection (detergents) is complicated and inefficient in that case as it is impossible to eliminate all the dirt.

However, perfectly smooth and shiny panels exist that do not pose this problem. They make it possible to drastically reduce cleaning time, counteract bacterial growth and make micro-scratches less visible.

Fewer joints

Some joints present disadvantages due to their porosity which facilitates the spread of germs on the surface. They are highly susceptible to staining and difficult to clean. They require drastic and regular maintenance as well as specific treatment against moisture and dirt, which affects their durability.

As a result, reducing the number of joints strongly facilitates the maintenance and disinfection of professional spaces. If there are fewer rough areas where bacteria can accumulate, the health risks will decrease.

fewer joints

Resistance to shocks

As time goes by, severe demands are placed on the materials’ resistance by holes being punched, trolleys knocking into them, high-pressure cleaning, acids and disinfectants being used, etc.

It is therefore essential you choose the best suited material in the knowledge that some are not resistant to shocks. High impact resistance will prevent the formation of cracks and holes where germs are likely to develop.


These technical properties make it possible to considerably optimise the cleanability of your wall / ceiling covering and thus reduce the time spent on cleaning and disinfecting your workspace. This results in higher everyday comfort for your staff, improved hygiene and a reduction of the cleaning cost thanks to the possibility to renegotiate the contract with your specialised cleaning company.

Hygi Panel is a bacteriostatic solution that offers all the advantages described above: shock resistance, hygiene, time saving, minimal thickness, smooth surface, durability and strict adherence to the standards.

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