HYGI PANEL® cladding: hygienic innovation.

Today, it is more important than ever to guarantee a safe and hygienic environment. It is therefore vital to use materials which comply with the strictest standards.

Are you thinking of opting for something traditional? Forget about it!
These days, it makes no sense to resort to “old-fashioned” solutions: resin, tiles, PVC panels. They may be cheaper but they don’t come with the necessary guarantees.

The solution? Bacteriostatic wall and ceiling panels

HYGI PANEL® has used its experience in the field, its expertise and its Research & Development laboratory to develop the ultimate cladding for use in the most demanding environments. Its wall panels and ceiling tiles and panels are hard-wearing, waterproof, long-lasting and comply with all legal requirements.

The 4 key benefits of HYGI PANEL® panelling

Illustration atout Hygi Panel

Long-lasting cladding

Illustration atout Hygi Panel

Attractively priced

Illustration atout Hygi Panel

Incredibly hard-wearing

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Easy to install with no production downtime



Do you work in the food industry, beverage production, laboratories or the catering trade?

HYGI PANEL® has the hygienic solution to meet your industry’s needs.



Do you work in the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnology or cosmetics industry?

HYGI PANEL® has the hygienic solution to meet your industry’s requirements.

local authorities

Local authorities

Do you work for local authorities or in public catering?

HYGI PANEL® has the hygienic solution to comply with your industry’s regulations.

Would you like to join our network of approved installers?

HYGI PANEL® provides step-by-step support.

The Hygi Panel® concept is impressively innovative. Many professionals have already joined our network which is increasingly successful with every passing year.

Would you like to join us? We would be pleased to welcome you, helping you to learn about installation techniques and keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry developments.
We would be thrilled to hear from you.

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