HYGI PANEL® panelling (formerly New Ramic®) fully complies with HACCP standards, ISO 14644-1, and ISO 22000.

Highly resistant to all attacks, HYGI PANEL® polyester wall panels fully comply with the required standards for food industry infrastructures (professional kitchens, Horeca, cold rooms, production sites) and health sector establishments (hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sites).

In addition to the properties of HYGI PANEL  panelling that make it highly suitable for wall and ceiling cladding in clean or white rooms, the panel has undeniable benefits in terms of installation, durability and the (re)valuation of buildings and HACCP hygiene zones.



The benefits of HYGI PANEL® wall and ceiling panels:

  1. HACCP compliant. Under the HACCP system, wall and ceiling panels must meet certain strict criteria (materials must be smooth, watertight, non-absorbent, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic, etc.). HYGI PANEL® panelling and its finishing accessories make it possible to meet all these requirements in full and to obtain the certification needed in the food and health sectors.
  2. Highly resistant. HYGI PANEL® polyester panelling for catering areas is extremely solid and resistant to everything walls and ceilings are vulnerable to, such as impacts, damp, high pressure washing, disinfectant foams, chemicals, etc.
  3. Durable. Once installed, HYGI PANEL® panels retain their new look for more than 10 years, even when subjected to pressure washing and any other extreme actions.
  4. HYGI PANEL® expertise and the global HACCP concept. As a manufacturer and developer of wall and ceiling panelling solutions, HYGI PANEL® not only produces polyester panels, but also supplies all the accessories needed for a fully compliant HACCP hygiene zone. The components of the panel and its accessories constitute a unique solution that satisfies all HACCP hygiene requirements.
  5. Easy to install without interrupting production. In most cases, installation of our products does not require any interruption of normal operations, or no more than very short stoppages. The 2-3mm panel can be fitted on all types of surface (tiles, sandwich panels, concrete, etc.). This solution can therefore be installed very quickly without stripping existing walls and ceilings.


Differences between PVC and POLYESTER panels for wall cladding in compliance with HACCP standards.

Although the technical (commercial) terms used may give the impression that they have similar characteristics, this is not the case.

Advantages of POLYESTER vs PVC:
  • 10 x less porous: reduced risk of yellowing and easy to clean.
  • Much more resistant to scratches and impacts,
  • Keeps its new look, even after 10 years of use in a food laboratory.
  • Double the heat resistance.

The POLYESTER panels therefore offer a much more durable solution than thermoplastics such as PVC.

Your premises will comply with HACCP/food standards for a much longer period than with PVC panels


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